Operating ABLER

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  1. Using a Mouse
  1. How to Use Fly with WASD
  1. Operating Objects
  1. Other
Using a Mouse
Using a Mouse
  1. Spin Screen
      • Selection 1: Wheel Click + Drag
        • See Video
      • Selection 2: Click Rotation Tool from the top-right side, and drag
        • See Video
      How to control the sensitivity of the mouse (camera rotation)
      • Click the menu in the upper left corner and enter [Edit] > [Preferences]
      • Control Orbit Sensitivity on the [Navigation] category.
      notion image
      • WhenOrbit Around Selection is deactivated, the way of operating the camera itself can change.
      • However, settings made on [Preferences] are reset when ABLER is updated.
  1. Zoom In & Out
      • Selection 1 : Wheel Scroll
        • See Video
      • Selection 2 : Click Zoom in/out Tool from the top-right and drag up&down.
        • See Video
      Changes in using Zoom
      • Zoom-in/Zoom-out currently operates in the direction of the mouse cursor.
      • To operate at the center of the screen with a fixed position, you can set it like this :
        • notion image
        • Click Menu on the top-left, and go to [Preferences] on [Edit].
        • On [Navigation] > [Zoom], check and deactivate Zoom to Mouse Position.
  1. Shifting Scenes
      • Selection 1: Shift + Wheel Click + Drag
        • See Video
      • Selection 2: Top-right Moving Tool Click + Drag
        • See Video
Using Fly with WASD
Using Fly with WASD
  1. Turning on Fly with WASD
      • [General] > Fly with WASD
        • Shortcut : Shift + `
  1. Fly with WASD Operations
    1. W / S
      Zoom In / Out
      A / D
      Horizontal movement
      Q / E
      Vertical movement
      Central Point
      ESC or Enter or Mouse button
      End Fly with WASD
      Del( or ⌘ + ⌫)
      Reset back to before using Fly with WASD
      See Video
Using Objects
Using Objects
  1. Moving / Rotating / Resizing an object
      • Selection 1: Follow the gizmo that appears when the object is clicked.
      • Selection 2: Use Move / Rotate / Scale features on the top-left side.
        • See Video
  1. Group Objects
      • To group objects, press Shift and select all objects that need to be grouped. The group is able to move, rotate, scale together.
        • See Video
  1. Other object usage shortcuts
    1. .
      Move to center
      A + .
      Move to the center of the whole model
      Select Object + .
      Move to the center of selected obejcts
      Select all objects
      Release all objects
      Hide objects
      Alt(Opt)+ H
      Release all objects hidden
Adjust Parameters (sliders)
  • There are two ways to adjust each value of parameters (sliders).
      1. Place the cursor directly above the parameter (slider) and drag it from side to side.
      1. You can also enter numbers directly by clicking on the parameter (slider).
      notion image
Checking Feature Descriptions
  • Hold the cursor over the check box or parameter (slider) of the ABLER function to see a basic description.
notion image
Shortcut Keys
Function Name
Ctrl(Cmd) + z
Ctrl(Cmd) + s
T / Shift + space
Open / Close Toolbar
Ctrl(Cmd) + O
Open file
Shift + `
Fly with WASD
Shift + c
Zoom out to see the whole model
Alt(Opt) + H
Undo all hides
Advanced Render
Shortcut Keys
Function Name
Select All
View only selected objects, Zoom In / Cancel
Move Object
Rotate Object
Object Scale
G + x / y / z
Move the object along an x / y / z axis
R + x / y / z
Rotate object on an x / y / z axis
S + x / y / z
Scale the object along an x/y/z axis
Alt(Opt)+ a
Undo Selection
Alt(Opt)+ w
Choose a Selection Method