[Must Read] Import <.skp>

  1. <.skp> models available for Import
    1. Sketchup files (*.skp), which are over 200MB or have complex structures, may not be smooth to use on ABLER.
      1. Import is possible, but it may take a long time or can be too heavy.
      2. We will continue to improve the use of even more complex files.
    2. We sell models optimized for ABLER separately. Meet the exclusive models that make ABLER easy to use.
  1. How to Import <.skp>
    1. For new models, Open is for a whole new page, and Import brings models to the same page (with the same save functions).
    2. To open <.skp> files, use Import instead of Open.
    3. Therefore, it is recommended to select (A) all existing models and erase them and bring in new models again.
  1. How to see progress for <.skp> Import
    1. When importing <.skp> files, a pop-up comes up before starting. During the progress, the progress bar is always there, letting you know how much is Imported at the moment.
  1. Selecting Look At Me when Import ing
    1. Choose to have a 2D object included in the <.skp> model, facing the camera (me).
    2. However, the import time may be longer when selected.
    3. After importing the model (without selecting Look At Me), you can apply additional Look At Me settings.
  1. About Group Navigation
    1. For ABLER-only .BLEND products sold, group navigation feature may not be activated after the 0.3.0 version update.