BIG updates for ABLER!

For detailed guidance, please check Operating ABLER.
User Flow Improvements
  • Tab compositions are now separated and organized by purpose
    • : By removing unnecessary Blender functions, ABLER is now easier to use.
Improved Usability in 3D Environments
  • Tool bars on the top-left side of Viewport
    • : Change the selection tool and move/rotate/size objects.
    • For all Gizmos, please click Transform Tool on the bottom.
  • Tool bars on the top-right side of Viewport
    • : Rotate, zoom, and move the screen without a mouse.
    • To zoom in and out, click Zoom in/out Tool and drag your mouse up and down.
  • Tool bars on the top side of Viewport
    • : Snap becomes available. Snap enables the ability to attach objects to any location in any form.
      Details on Snap
      • Snap is a tool that supports the removal & attachment (through the way I want) of other objects when moving, rotating, or resizing objects.
      • Choose which, where, and how to attach the selected object during an operation.
        • Affect: Select action to enable snap
          • Move / Rotate / Scale
        • Snap To: Select how you want to enable snap.
          • Increment / Vertex / Edge / Face / Volume / Edge Center / Edge Perpendicular
        • Snap With: Select which object or where to enable snap.
          • Object : Closet / Active
          • Where : Center / Median
      • (Ex.) If the following is set : Affect= Move, Snap To= Face, Snap With= Closet, When you move the selected object, it sticks to the 'face' of the nearest other object.
      • (Ex.) If the following is set : Affect= Scale, Snap To= Increment, the object stretches or shrinks by the grid's pixel when resizing.
  • After the object is selected, the "ground grid" is exposed when moving
    • The space and distance of the model are much easier to grasp with this feature, and accurate and clean object movement is possible.
  • Supports "Infinity Zoom"
    • : Infinite zoom-in & zoom-out is now possible.
  • Changes in how to Zoom
    • : The zoom-in & zoom-out now operates in the direction of your mouse cursor.
Import, Render improvements
  • [General] > Import feature has improved.
    • ABLER currently supports all three extensions:
      • .skp / .fbx / .blend
    • If you import a <.skp> extension file, a prompt pop-up is exposed before starting, and a "progress bar" is exposed during the progress. You will be able to check the import progress immediately.
  • Panel UI of [Scenes] has changed.
    • : The Scene that I created are displayed as a list. It is easier to manage multiple Scenes at once.
  • Panel for [Render] has also changed.
    • Texture Render feature has changed. It Renders only ‘textures’ of each model.
    • When using High-Quality Render, please check which Scene to Render, and what Render type to use.
      • Full Render / Texture Render / Line Render / Shadow Render
    • ABLER always saves the program file before starting a Render.
      • If a file does not have a save history, a pop-up is exposed first that specifies the save location for that file, and if you have done so, a pop-up that asks to select the save location for the Render image is exposed first.
    • Progress bars are seen while Render works.
      • Rendering progress can be witnessed real-time.